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Rogue  Pixel   Media

In brief...

Experience in broadcast television coupled with a desire to work on meaningful projects formed the foundation of my young videography company. Having worked for some of the largest broadcast networks in North America, I know that it takes more than experience to make a project come to life. 

Passion is the catalyst that every project requires to transform pictures and sounds into stories and emotion. I want to bring my passion to your project.

Striving to capture and translate emotion, Rogue Pixel Media is looking for stories to tell. What do you think your audience should hear?

I believe that every wedding deserves to be captured in its entirety. Budget restrictions today can often impede our ability to tailor videos to your needs tomorrow. Every package is tailored to what you need, and consultation occurs early in the process to help you decide what that is. 

Videography á la carte

First Videographer - $500/day

Additional Videographers - $400/day

60-second Teaser - $300 (48 hour delivery, optimized for social media)

3-5 minute Highlight Film - $1,000 

5-8 minute Highlight Film - 1,500

Full Event Coverage  - $2,500 (Separate edits of the entire ceremony, reception, speeches, dances, games, Ganesh Puja, Grah Shanti, etc.)

Raw Footage - $500 (All files delivered on a hard drive for safe storage)

*Usage of drones is subject to Ministry of Transportation regulations and weather conditions.




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